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12 Facebook marketing tools to help your business scale – Sprout Social

Written by Brent Barnhart
Published on September 8, 2022
Reading time 7 minutes
Don’t sleep on your Facebook marketing tools.
Fact: a staggering 71% of social consumers anticipate using Facebook within the next 12 months.
Translation? Facebook isn’t going anywhere for marketers.
But as the largest and most popular social network, picking tools for Facebook can be tricky.
Since the platform’s been around for so long, there’s a ton to choose from. Hunting for the “right” app can be overwhelming.
Ready to ramp up your paid presence? Want to stick to freemium apps? Either way, our list has you covered regardless of your needs or budget.
Below are dozen Facebook marketing tools worth test-driving.
As the ultimate all-in-one Facebook tool, we think Sprout Social has earned its place on top of our list.
Our Facebook features help brands streamline their Facebook publishing, customer service and analytics.
Sprout’s Smart Inbox keeps your Facebook comments, messages and notifications in one place. Oh, and not to mention all of your social interactions elsewhere (think: Instagram, Twitter).
Likewise, you can manage and schedule all of your social assets within our platform. This reduces the chaos of bouncing between social apps and saves serious time
Oh, and don’t forget about analytics related to all of the above. From audience growth to post-specific performance, you’ll see if your strategy is working.
For some businesses, native Facebook marketing tools can do the trick.
Despite its critics, Facebook Creator Studio boasts a slew of helpful features. The platform provides a place for brands to track social assets, schedule content and monitor post performance. Creator Studio also serves as a control center for your Facebook messages and notifications.
Although Creator Studio is very “busy” and requires some getting used to, there’s no denying its utility as a free tool. Built-in integration with Facebook’s ad platform is also a nice bonus.
There’s no shortage of drag-and-drop content creation tools for social graphics.
With a bit of creativity, these apps can level the playing field for up-and-coming brands that want to “look the part” on Facebook.
Desygner is a notable alternative to tools like Canva. Offering templates for Facebook posts, logos and cover photos, Desygner’s creatives pack a professional punch. The platform also allows you to create animations for social which are all the rage right now.
For service providers and ecommerce brands answering frequent questions, Facebook Messenger is invaluable.
Manychat is a prime example of Facebook tools for marketing designed to make your life easier. The platform simplifies the process of building communication workflows and chatbots. Although this isn’t a replacement for real-time comms, bots allow your business to be “always on.”
With $27 billion in ad revenue reported in Q1 2022, Facebook’s ad platform is as lively as ever.
If you want to build ads faster or test-drive some new designs, Creatopy can help.
Features include test ad displays and customizable templates you can adapt for your brand. Creatopy is ideal for agencies and small teams that want to go beyond a basic advertising strategy when it comes to creatives.
If you’re using HubSpot as your CMS or CRM, there are tons of Facebook marketing tools built into the platform.
This includes features for messaging customers, understanding your content performance and running ads.
The boom of Facebook’s ad network highlights how the platform is a powerhouse for lead generation.
From retargeting and list-building to driving leads to landing pages, ActiveCampaign does all of the above. One of the biggest bonuses of ActiveCampaign is its integrations with tools already in your marketing stack.
Another ad platform! Thing is, Adroll is ecommerce-specific. The platform makes it easy to run campaigns across multiple platforms with an emphasis on retargeting ads.
Sendible‘s suite of Facebook marketing tools is tailor-made for agencies. The platform simplifies managing multiple social platforms by reducing back-and-forth.
The importance of Facebook listening can’t be overstated. That said, the low use of hashtags and nature of search on the platform can make mention monitoring a challenge
That’s where tools like Talkwalker come into play. The platform provides a robust suite of listening tools to help brands monitor their mentions across social. Talkwalker’s also breaks down your brand’s most engaging types of content.
Many ecommerce brands rely on Facebook as both a sales channel and a place to build a community. The Facebook Commerce Manager makes it easier for brands to oversee sales and orders directly from the platform.
There’s been a lot of discourse about the role of AI in marketing recently.
Regardless of where you stand on the debate, there are already AI tools dedicated to social media content. For example, Lately can take long-form content and translate it into social-friendly posts via AI. This includes video and audio.
Facebook’s status as the go-to social channel for consumers is as real as ever.
That said, are you taking the steps to meet your customers there?
Adopting the right Facebook tools could be the difference-maker when it comes to growing your visibility. This is especially true given how competition is so fierce on the platform. The tools above can help your business stand out from the crowd.
Want to stay on top of the latest trends on Facebook and beyond? Make sure to check out the data in the Sprout Social Index™ if you haven’t already.
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