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Addiction Recovery Center opens new residential center – Spectrum News 1

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OWENTON, Ky. — A new residential drug and alcohol treatment center for women in Owenton is hoping to create new beginnings for those struggling with addiction.
Audrey Strobe knows first-hand what broken looks like as she reflects on her past drug addiction.
"I just slowly but surely became homeless and just like a full blown addict doing anything and everything I could just to get my next fix," Strobe said.
Over the course of her 13-year addiction, Strobe has been in and out of jail, having committed crimes like armed robbery.
"If it wasn’t killed by the drugs it will be killed by somebody or you know, one form or another for sure," Strobe said.
The 29-year-old said she reached rock bottom last year, and with no real direction in life she turned to Addiction Recovery Care.
She credits the year-long, residential program with helping her confront the traumas of her past lifestyle.
"I was like trying to live a double life and portray something that I definitely was not," Strobe explained.
Audrey now finds purpose in helping empower others towards sobriety at Eagle Creek Recovery Center, ARC’S newest facility. It’s a place for women to find residential treatment for substance abuse.
"It’s a peer mentor program so we’re really here for the clients and just to help them however they need it," Strobe said.
According to the CDC, Kentucky has reported 1,964 deaths related to a drug overdose in 2020, a 49% increase from the 1,316 reported in 2019.
Pat Fogarty, Senior Vice President of Operations for ARC, said its crucial to have services available to everyone.
"It’s not because it’s a fun thing to do is to go setup an addiction treatment program, it’s by demand," explains Fogarty.
Fogarty, who is also a recovering addict, said it’s their mission to help patients break free from addiction and live their day to day lives.
Once fully operational, the Eagle Creek location will serve 100 women daily.
"All too often we focus on the negative and how treacherous and disastrous addiction is to our communities which it is but recovery is winning," said Fogarty.
Strobe knows she beat the odds and now she hopes others know they’re not alone.
"Rehab is for quitters. I’m so grateful that I quit. I’m so grateful that I’m here and that I have this opportunity for a better life," said Strobe.
ARC senior leadership officials announced Louisville will be opening an outpatient center and intensive outpatient center this fall.


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