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Best Psychic Reading Sites To Know Your Horoscope & Accurate Astrology Answers In 2022 – KTNV 13 Action News Las Vegas

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If you have been confused at any point in your life, you may have considered consulting a psychic reader. Online psychic sites are famous for helping people answer nagging life questions and navigate personal challenges.
Consulting online psychics is excellent and convenient because you can get all the help you need from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, the variety available regarding online psychic reading is endless.
Psychic reading sites have experts in tarot card readings, astrological readings, numerology, fortune-telling, and many others. In addition, you get to choose the medium of communication you would like. Different sites offer psychic reading through either or a combination of phone, chat, email, and video.
However, while the advantages of online psychic reading are numerous, it can be dangerous, too. The reason is that some sites do not adequately evaluate the skills and credibility of their advisors. Consulting such online fortune teller sites may prove to be risky. With these sites, the best-case scenario is that you’ve wasted your time. In the worst case scenario, they’ll steal your personal information.
For these reasons, we have carefully curated a list of online psychic reading sites you can trust. These sites have been around for a long time and have millions of users who have benefitted from their services. The psychic readers working with these sites have built years of credibility, verifying their skills with positive customer reviews.
Here is our list of best psychic reading websites.

Purple Garden is a popular psychic reading website that connects customers with professional and gifted psychics. Purple Garden may not have been around for as long as its competitors, but they have quickly built a solid reputation. This is because customers get highly accurate psychic readings from their experts.
Apart from accuracy, Purple Garden has its psychic services divided into sections featuring some rare psychic readings like dream analysis and angel insights. Other categories include the popular tarot reading and love readings, horoscope, and astrology readings. There are eight categories listed on their site, but you will find experts in numerous skills and many different methods of reading.
In addition, they have a wide range of prices, and psychics set their prices on the platform between $1 and $15. Although they do not offer free minutes, you can be sure you will find a highly skilled professional that provides the service you want within your budget.
Furthermore, one thing that makes Purple Garden stand out is that it has arguably one of the best interfaces for online psychic websites. Its website is straightforward to navigate, has a clean look, and has an attractive design. It is also perfectly mobile-friendly, which is more than can be said for some other websites. This makes it convenient to use on all your devices.

Beyond its website’s mobile-friendly interface, Purple garden has a mobile app available for download on all phone types. This is a step further than most online psychic services have gone for customer convenience. The app is as easy to use as the website and has a unique feature that is not available on the website, and it is called ‘Journeys.’
It allows customers to share their experience with the psychic reading they have gotten from the site. Customers can safely talk about their journey so far with a particular psychic or psychics and how their lives have changed for the better.
Another unique thing about Purple Garden is that it has an option for video readings. Not many psychic sites have this feature; most stick to readings via phone or chat. Video readings give the feel of a live chat and can be very useful for readings like palmistry. There is a minimum time limit of 5 minutes for readings and a maximum of 60 minutes.
Lastly, they have a top accuracy badge for psychics whose readings are rated highly accurate. The profiles of these top-rated specialists are usually on display when you open the app. This feature makes it such that it is effortless for you to get the best online psychic reading.

Purple Garden gets overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. They have remarkably accurate psychics, as noted by many, and customers specifically like how friendly the app and website are. A customer even referred to it as the ‘best psychic app in the industry.’
Kasamba is another big name in the psychic reading industry. Having existed since 1999, they are the oldest on this list at about 23 years old. According to their website, they have built a massive customer base and serviced over 3 million clients. It is no wonder they are loved by many, though. Kasamba provides excellent service and arguably gives you the best online psychic readings you can get at great prices.
Their site has categories such as a general psychic reading category, love and relationships, dream analysis, career forecasts, and so on. These categories are further divided into subcategories that narrow down what you want. That way, you will save time looking for a psychic that fits your bill. As soon as you choose your preferred categories, the top readers in those categories come up with their price per minute. Then you can choose whoever you like.

Like many online psychic reading sites, Kasamba gives you the first three minutes of your reading for free. However, the unique thing is that this free psychic reading is available for all your first readings with new readers. This gives you a great way to explore many readers until you find one who matches your energy and with whom you are comfortable. To make things even better, you get a full refund if you are unsatisfied with your reading.
Furthermore, their site contains a lot of advice concerning how to go about your psychic reading and the best ways to stay safe. You can communicate with your psychic via chat and mail. Also, they have a mobile app available on the app store and play store. Their apps have very high ratings amongst thousands of users on these platforms.
Additionally, they have a dedicated page for their top-rated psychics. You can decide to use your free minutes with these psychics and get high-quality readings for no cost at all.
Not only does Kasamba help you save, they have an affiliate/referral program so that you can earn with every paying customer you bring onto the platform. In summary, the features of Kasamba prove that they are confident in the effectiveness of their services and they focus on providing you with maximum value for your money.

On this unique platform, you have access to about 580 highly skilled diverse psychic readers. The availability of diversity and unique specializations of readers on AskNow makes it easy for you to get the best-personalized experience speaking to a psychic.
On AskNow, you can filter by some unique search terms so that the likelihood of you being unsatisfied with your reader at the end is almost non-existent. First, you can sort by names, prices, or the date the readers joined if you’re looking for the oldest readers on the site. Furthermore, you can filter by the online or offline status of a psychic, the special badges of the psychic (top rated, rising talent, staff pick, etc.), and the unique skills of the psychic, which are subdivided into about 20 categories.
You can also filter by the tools the reader uses, a category that is again subdivided into about 20 categories. Lastly, you can filter by the reader’s style. This style could be compassionate, thoughtful, wise, direct, or expressive.
This unique filter feature makes AskNow a platform where you can get a highly professional and accurate psychic reading and one where you can get reading tailored to your very emotional needs. You can relate with and connect with your reader from the onset of your reading because they embody the reading style that makes you feel comfortable.
Finally, the pricing of readings vary from reader to reader and the means of communication the reader works with. AskNow as a platform facilitates chat, phone, and video reading, but some psychics may only offer one or two of these. However, there are always readers available 24/7, so you are sure to find a suitable reader that meets all your criteria.

AskNow steps up the free psychic reading game by offering 5 minutes free instead of the standard three minutes knowing that the three-minute standard is usually too short. You do have to deposit $10, though, to access this feature.
Users have more incentive to use the platform with their satisfaction guarantee. If you have a session you are unsatisfied with, you can contact AskNow immediately after the session. The refund will be in the form of recrediting your AskNow account. That way, you get your time back and use it with a different, better psychic.
Another exciting thing about AskNow is that you can keep up with them on almost any social media platform. This is pretty rare and exciting for a psychic site. Being able to get the latest news and follow up with their activities gives them a very modern touch and makes them the perfect platform for today’s world. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Keen has existed for two decades as one of the most authoritative psychic reading platforms. Over this time, it has created a legacy and brand identity of excellence. Keen psychics are known for their high accuracy, especially regarding matters of the heart. In terms of trustworthiness, Keen is your brand.
Keen might be old in the business but its website remains constantly updated with new information and designs. They also regularly add to their pool of readers and are currently working with thousands of them to provide you with accurate and genuine readings. Their website boasts honorable mentions in famous online magazines or websites like Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Yahoo, etc.
Upon arriving at their website, you can filter your choice from three categories: psychic readings, life questions, love and relationships, spiritual readings, and tarot readings. Furthermore, you can filter readers according to your budget, making it very easy not to overspend. Their price range is from $1.99 to $9.99+.
Lastly, with Keen psychics, you have almost an endless array of choices to make. Some sites report that Keen has the highest number of psychics in the industry. Furthermore, all their psychics have profiles where you can see all the essential information you need about them. Keen leaves all the reviews and ratings, both good and bad, to help you make a good decision.

One of the best things about Keen is that its website has so much information about the world of psychic reading. It is excellent for a newbie as there is a blog and articles on all their reading categories to guide on making an informed choice. Their website also features a detailed FAQ section where you will find most questions you have about them answered.
They have an application that works on Android and iOS devices and is easy to navigate. The means of reading they offer include chat, phone, and email readings.
Another great feature that gives people confidence in Keen is the fact that they offer a ‘satisfaction or money-back guarantee.’ This provides users great confidence to invest in the site. They also have an introductory package where you get 10 minutes for a fixed rate of $1.99 with their top psychics. Apart from this, you can also get your first three minutes of reading for free.

The first thing you might notice on the Psychic Oz platform is their meager rate. Compared to other platforms, Psychic Oz is the most affordable on average. However, even though the low rates may fool you into expecting substandard services, you will be amazed by the quality Psychic Oz delivers.
Psychic Oz is one of the few platforms that vouch for and stand behind the readings of their psychics. This is why they take their time to thoroughly screen and assess their candidates before onboarding them to answer your burning questions. They have an excellent range of subcategories for readers to choose from. In particular, they offer a rare service known as I-Ching, an ancient Chinese psychic art.
Furthermore, Psychic Oz is very interested in customer safety. They advise customers on their website not to disclose their personal information to psychics and vice versa. When it is time for readings, they connect customers to readers safely and anonymously. Also, according to their website, their screening criteria for psychics are so stringent that they only take three out of every 100 psychic candidates.

Psychic Oz facilitates readings via phone, email, chats, and video so that you can carry out your reading in the most comfortable way. While not all readers offer all these methods, you can quickly skim through and filter the ones that provide your preferred reading method on the site.
In addition, Psychic Oz has several features that help users easily use the site. The first is the easy signup process – there are no membership or registration fees, and you can simply sign up with an email and or phone number. Also, on opening the home page, you will notice that you can filter the psychic service you require based on the subject of your concerns, the tools the psychic uses, and their unique abilities.

Things To Consider When Choosing Online Psychic Reader & Tarot Card Reader
According to surveys, 3/4 of all Americans believe in the paranormal. This makes it such that some dubious people might fake being naturally gifted psychics online to make money. To avoid falling for such scams, here are a few things to consider before choosing psychic readers.

They are different kinds of services when it comes to psychic readings. Before going to a psychic, you need to know precisely what you want or need. To know which online psychic you should patronize, consider your questions. Think about what is bothering you and the problem you want to solve.
If you want to communicate with a dead loved one, psychic mediums are the way. For future predictions, you should go to a fortune-telling specialist. If you need advice concerning your career or love readings, look for an online psychic with this specialty. Some online psychics provide dream analysis. So if you are confused about the meaning of a dream, they would be the ideal psychic to consult,
Also, you should already note your questions beforehand as it will help you save time. If you are unsure what to ask during your psychic reading, you might waste your paid time on irrelevant ramblings.

Another vital thing to consider when choosing psychic readers is to check reviews. You need to research the sites you are considering and find out what people say about the websites. Check how long they have been around and how many customers recommend these sites.
Also, check the reviews and ratings of individual psychic readers on the sites. If you have found a site you trust, find readers that fit the skill set of the person you need. Then check what customers have to say about them. Only consider reviews on sites with transparent review policies, i.e., sites that let you see the good and bad reviews.
Ideally, it would be best if you went for online psychics with at least 4-star ratings from many people. Also, check whether people are saying that they provide accurate psychic readings or not.
Beyond online reviews of psychic websites, you should also ask your friends and family for recommendations. If someone you know has had a great experience with a psychic reader, the chances are that you will also get an accurate psychic reading from them.

Offers of a few minutes of free psychic readings are pretty standard online, which is why most people feel they can get cheap psychics online compared to offline. Sites offering 100% free online psychic readings are likely unreliable online psychic services. More likely, the psychic readings will be conducted by a bot rather than actually gifted psychics.
Some of the best psychics will be low to expensively priced. However, if the free psychic readings are just for a limited number of readings, it is a good offer. That way, you can gauge the value you will get from a psychic reader before making a monetary commitment.
Furthermore, some sites provide free consultation services. This can also help you make the right choice of psychic before starting a reading.

Online Psychic Readings V Offline Psychic Readings

Most people prefer patronizing online psychic reading websites over googling ‘Psychic reading near me’ and looking for a physical psychic shop. This is because online psychic readings offer many advantages that offline ones don’t. Here are some key areas that differentiate online reading from offline:
For starters, discounts are a common feature of online psychic reading services. These discounts usually attract customers and help you save a great deal. You may have gotten a lot of clarity even before the free minutes come to an end. On the other hand, free minutes and discounts are rare in physical readings.
Also, online psychic readings help you save time tremendously. First, locating a trustworthy psychic near you will take a lot of time, and if there is none near you, you will have to travel to the psychic’s shop – another time-costly endeavor. Finally, with online psychic readings, you can book your convenient time online, and you do not have to worry about delays that could arise in physical meetings.
Furthermore, with online psychics, you can decide to do phone readings, online chat, and email readings if you would like to protect your identity. You don’t have this luxury with live psychics.
In addition, online psychic reading provides you with a wider variety of readings. You can find experts in spiritual readings, astrology readings, past life readings, tarot readings, psychic prediction/fortune-telling, numerology readings, and so many other areas of expertise.
Summarily, when it comes to convenience, online psychic reading is miles better than consulting live psychics. Online psychic reading is as simple as finding clarity from the comfort of your home and phone.

FAQs about Psychic Reading Online

Chat psychics have become popular over the years, and many people have benefited from the natural gifts of these individuals. However, people who are reluctant to choose it over live readings may feel like it will be less accurate.
Chat psychics use methods that the physical barrier of distance does not hinder. Certain psychic specialists – like palm readers – may use video for an effective process. However, if a professional psychic chooses to work with you over a chat, you can be sure that the effectiveness of their ability is unaffected.

The first step is to find trustworthy online psychic reading services to get accurate readings via phone or other online means. You will find many sites online that claim to provide the services you require, so be careful. The five websites reviewed above are the best online psychic reading platforms for a great experience.
After finding an appropriate platform, check for psychics whose skill set fits the service you need. Check their reviews, rating, and experience. When you find the right person. Make sure your questions are ready – it can help you get more accurate readings. Then, proceed to schedule a session with the psychic.

Both of these communication methods with your psychic are non-physical and have pros and cons.
Psychic readings via phone are helpful when you have many questions to ask since talking will be much faster than typing. With phone psychic readings, you can cover more ground during the same period you’d spend chatting. Also, you will avoid internet connection issues with phone readings. Furthermore, phone readings may help the psychic to get a better sense of you via hearing your voice.
However, chat psychic readings are better in terms of privacy and cost. With chat psychic readings, you do not have to worry about hearing people as you narrate your problems or ask questions. Phone calls will also cost much more than chats will.
Gone are the days when psychic readings were synonymous with taboos. In this fast-paced and very confusing world, psychics are now a great way to find direction and clarity. Moreso, technology has made it such that you don’t need to stress yourself by physically searching for a reputable psychic. An online psychic reading session can do wonders in your life if done by the best online psychics.
We strongly advise that you do adequate research before engaging in psychic readings online. Luckily for you, if you have read this far, your research journey has likely ended. Our review of the best online psychic platforms will lead you to these gifted professionals and hopefully to the answers you seek.


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