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Home » Capitals Announce Second Round Of Cuts To Training Camp Roster – NoVa Caps

Capitals Announce Second Round Of Cuts To Training Camp Roster – NoVa Caps

The Washington Capitals announced a second round of cuts to their 2022 training camp roster on Friday. The roster is now down to 40 players.
The Capitals have loaned the following waiver-exempt players to Hershey (AHL):
The Capitals have sent the following players to Hershey’s training camp, which begins on Monday:
The Capitals also loaned defenseman Alexander Alexeyev to Hershey (AHL) to continue his rehabilitation and Ludwig Persson to BIK Karlskoga (HockeyAllsvenskan).
In addition, the Capitals placed the following players on waivers for purpose of loan to Hershey (AHL):
Hershey will announce its initial 2022 Training Camp roster on Sunday. The team takes the ice for the first time in the 2022-23 season on Monday morning at 10:30 a.m. at Giant Center.
The roster now sits at 40 players: 24 forwards, 12 defensemen and four goaltenders: [Click to enlarge]

I thought Peter had been signed by the Nailers?
He did sign a deal with the Nailers. He may be working out with the Bears, who open camp on Monday.
Shepard, Sgarbossa, Sutter, Vecchione to waivers. Am worried about Shepard.
Yeah, he’s the one I worry about clearing the most.
Yeah, Shepard is at risk. Interesting that they kept Stevenson up even though he’s not subject to waivers, but exposed Shepard this early. Woulda thought that they would wait until the final cuts where a team would have to take a chance and keep Shepard on the NHL roster without having seen him in practices. Oh well… That’s the way the cookie/roster crumbles…
And they haven’t seen Clay in a game yet have our two main goalies dressed tonight.
Part of the reasoning that sometimes occurs is that putting a player through waivers early will sometimes slide by other teams. Most teams start paying more attention to the waiver wire after they’re further into training camp and have identified their needs and weaknesses.
Shepard and Sutter are only one we will need to worry about over next 24 hours. Bigger waivers to come.
Sutter won’t be a concern. He’s a borderline AHL player at this point.
Sutter? That’s highly doubtful. He’s likely a healthy scratch in Hershey this season. Don’t see anyone claiming him. I’m not sure he would get claimed if the AHL had waivers
Appreciate the info Jon, thanks –
I agree, I’d be surpiesed to see Shepard not get claimed. Tough loss.
With these cuts it is looking like the lines are nearly set. I think there will be little change on our D but on the forward lines I hope to see the following.
Ovi Kuzy Mantha
Brown Strome Snively (this line looked electric during the preseason)
Sheary Eller Oshie (Sheary has always complimented Eller and Oshie is less likely to get injured with lower line 3 minutes)
Dowd McMichael Hathaway (Can McMichael play center or wing on this line?)
But will Larsson and Jonsson-Fjallby get through waivers? I fear both get claimed.
I know Snively would be claimed for sure. I think he could be a 20 goal forward.
Fingers crossed they all get through waivers. What are your thoughts??? Can McMichael control his game with Dowd? He certainly adds a scoring element to that line. Dowd can play wing better than McMichael.
Capt. Phil
I would hate to see the 4th line change too much. They held a key position in the Coaches strategy last season and performed above expectations most nights. Filling Hagelins position by moving Dowd isn’t the answer and McMichael isn’t ready to play against top line on most teams the way Coach used the 4th line last year
I don’t see McM as a 4th line player — not his strengths.
Agreed. McM is a play driver. Still young, but in this system they need him in middle 6. Same with Lappy and Protas may play wing (and as 5th center). Dowd signed 3 year extension so he will hold that down. Sheary, Eller, Mojo for 4LW with Beck and AJF as future candidates.
Has Lavi played MoJo on 4th line yet?
Can they not send Bjorklund to the Stingrays yet or is there more to read into here?
Because Bjorklund is on a Capitals contract, he is “loaned” to another team. He was loaned to Hershey (first) because they open camp on Monday, and the Rays don’t open camp until later.
Rays first game Oct 21 so I imagine training camp no earlier than Oct 15.
Stream for tonight’s game:
Sorry to see Shepard have to clear waivers, however he is 26 and only 6′. I think the Caps are looking down the road, correctly this time, and they see Kuemper at 6’5 and Lindgren at 6’2 and they are 32 and 29 years old. Clay is 23 and 6’4 and Clark is 20 and 6’6. There are 3 other goalies in the system so maybe they are thinking we want height in our next set of goalies and youth. So it would appears that the GM is looking 2 to 5 years down the road at the goalie situation not just for today in who to keep and not keep. Figure that Kuemper will be here most of his contract however Lindgren may only be here a year or 2 depending on how the others progress. Lets just hope that the goalies in our system now grow better than Sammy did! I don’t mind loosing talent if there is talent in the minors. Point to make is who do we lose just to keep MoJo and the HC happy? And the same goes for Eller. If we are going to miss the playoffs or go out early again I would rather do it with rookies and younger players not retreads or players to make a lame-duck HC comfortable!
I’m biased in that I also watch Bears and Rays games (AHLtv and FloHockey) so I want the Caps to stock them with winning players too. Not just looking 5 years down the road for the Caps.
Agreed. And a winning culture in the organization helps player development and better prepares them for larger roles and the NHL
They didn’t list Alexeyev anywhere but we know he’s injured. The other known injured were listed with an asterisk after their names.
I remember thinking Shane G would be top 9 some day….
You weren’t the only one.
Lots of good chimes. I’ll still contend that competition is good and you are going to lose some good players when you have competition. Some will hurt. Good problem to have. But as someone Anonymous said, the deep cuts are coming.
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