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Home » Clues for today’s Wordle and Heardle answers – April 12 –

Clues for today’s Wordle and Heardle answers – April 12 –

A lot of players are getting stuck on today’s Heardle but not if you use our spoiler free tips – and the actual answers if you get really stuck.
Just for once nobody seems to be upset with Wordle today. The answer is a normal word that everyone’s heard of, it doesn’t have any repeated letters, and it’s not similar enough to other words that it’s impossible to guess at.
That won’t stop people complaining that Wordle has got too hard the minute there’s a tougher puzzle, but for today you shouldn’t have any problems.
If you do need a clue though the answer is an adjective and is a common topic of discussion in tabloid newspapers the world over, but particularly in the UK.
The problem with today’s Heardle answer is that if you don’t know the song there’s not really much more you can do.
If it helps, the artist is a Jamaican reggae singer and their name is similar to popular non-alcoholic drink, one you might often have with the name of the song itself.
If those clues aren’t enough we’ll reveal the answers below, after the picture links that follow…
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So, the answer to Wordle #297 is ROYAL. Like we said, it’s a surprisingly easy one today, with two vowels and no repeated letters.
The Heardle answer is not so easy, although that does depend on your taste in music. The song in question is Koffee – Toast, which you have to type in exactly as it is there. Once you get the first few letters though your web browser should auto-fill in the rest.
Good#nerdlegame 83

Ok#Wordle 297
🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩#heardle fail, not a clue even after answer#worldle in two, got neighbour first@nmbr14 in a quick 4@BristolJen @mrdavecullen @adg1403 @larasam4
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