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Home » Dixon mayor proclaims city ‘Recovery Friendly’ – WIFR

Dixon mayor proclaims city ‘Recovery Friendly’ – WIFR

DIXON, Ill. (WIFR) – The city of Dixon says enough is enough and declares itself a recovery-friendly community; a place that helps its residents who battle drug addictions.
Dixon Mayor Li Arellano made the recovery-friendly community proclamation, which he says is the first of its kind in the U.S. He emphasizes it’s time to take a stand as the U.S. sees more than 100,000 people die from drug overdoses in the past year.
“We’re very much embracing treating addiction as a medical problem.”
Cities across the U.S. say drug addiction is one of their top problems and no one is immune, even in cities like Dixon, Illinois. Leaders there say they must act now to help people in the area live a life without drugs.
“Part of being a recovery community is understanding that there is a pathway towards treating addiction.”
The road to recovery, according to experts, starts by admitting there is a problem and using resources like Sauk Valley Voices of Recovery. They say one of the most dangerous drugs is the pain-killer fentanyl.
“The issue with fentanyl is being that synthetic there’s no standardization of stress. You know the same amount I did yesterday it was fine could kill me today. And there’s no way to know,” says Executive Director Gerald Lott.
Another outlet in the Dixon area is a sober house on the corner of Fellows St. and Dixon Ave. Lott says that facility alone won’t turn your life around, rather it’s one stop on a recovering addict’s path.
“Sober living is physical therapy for people in recovery.”
Arellano says along with outlets for recovery, we must have open conversations about addiction to release the stigma.
“We will embrace what they have agreed to as opposed to deciding for ourselves what’s best is more of a coalition as opposed to the government saying, here’s how it’s going to be done.”
Sinnissippi Centers also opened two recovery homes in the area in the last couple of years: one in Dixon for men and one in Amboy for women.
There’s also a Safe Passage law in Lee and Whiteside Counties to help addicts recover from heroin or opiate additions. This was created shortly after three people in Lee County died from a heroin overdose in 10 days.
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