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Free Fire redeem code for today (14 April): Get a new P90 The Punishers – Sportskeeda

Gun skins are precious in Free Fire, and this is not just for their appearance but also due to their attributes, which puts a high price tag on them. Often, having better skin translates to having a higher chance of defeating their opponents. As a result, many users do not wish to fall behind due to these skins’ competitive edge.
Gun skins are not directly available for purchase in the store and often have to be obtained through events, Luck Royales, and even gun crates. This requires diamonds, which many f2p players do not possess.
These gamers do not need to fret, as the developers regularly add events where they can grind through the missions to get these gun skins in addition to the usage of Free Fire redeem codes. Players generally prefer the latter owing to the less time and effort required.
Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and gamers from the country should not play the battle royale title. They can instead play the better version.
Redeem code: RHW2YWQ4YDPH
Rewards: The Punishers Weapon Loot Crate
Users will not receive the new gun skin directly and have to open the gun crate to receive P90 – The Punishers or XM8 – The Punishers. While it may be a temporary or a permanent card, it completely depends on their luck.
Note: This redeem code is designed to be used by players on the European server. All others attempting to collect it will not get it and face an error message stating that the code cannot be used on their server.
If gamers are not on the Europe server, they may visit this page to find Free Fire redeem codes for other regions.
Gamers can easily collect the rewards mentioned above without any errors by following the steps mentioned in this section:
Step 1: First, players should visit the Free Fire Rewards Redemption Site.
Step 2: Next, they must sign in to their account on the website. The webpage offers multiple options for the same.
All users with guest IDs are ineligible to redeem the rewards. They may first link their ID to one of the options available in the game’s settings.
Step 3: Once they have signed in, they can paste “RHW2YWQ4YDPH” in the text field and click the confirm button. When a dialog box appears, click okay.
Step 4: The rewards are sent to the account generally within minutes but may take up to 24 hours. They should collect the crate from the mail.
Players will have to open the crate from the vault section to receive the gun skin. Moreover, users should not miss out on this opportunity as they would need to spend diamonds otherwise to get this crate.

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Tap on
Site Settings/Site Permissions
Tap on
Tap on
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Tap on and tap on Allow
Allow Notifications
Notifications you have enabled

Toss and match updates
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Score updates every 5 overs
Fantasy Tips updates

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