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Grab the Keurig K Latte for Just $60 Today (and Save $30) – CNET

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This deal only lasts for today on Best Buy.
Everyone loves their morning coffee a certain way. Some prefer black coffee, others may only drink iced coffee and some prefer flavors in their coffee. If you’re like me and you love to use milk in your coffee, chances are you also love a good latte. 
Traditional coffee makers can’t offer warm, foamy milk to accompany your coffee, but the Keurig K Latte does. This two-in-one machine is usually $90, but you can have it for just $60 today at Best Buy. The Keurig deal is only valid until tonight, so hurry while you can.
Versatility meets simplicity with this single-serve coffee and latte maker. You can brew rich, full-flavored coffee and enjoy delicious, creamy lattes made in minutes. The K Latte brewer works with any K-Cup pod, so the options are endless.
Just brew a concentrated shot of coffee, froth your choice of fresh milk — whether that’s skim, soy or almond — and enjoy a creamy latte. You can also choose to brew tea or cocoa in three different cup sizes: 6 ounces, 8 ounces and 10 ounces. The frother can be cleaned easily, plus it flips up to save on counter space.
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