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Harmony Home offers help to men in recovery – Huntington Country TAB

On Thursday, Sept. 30, Harmony Home of Huntington celebrated two years of helping men recover from addictions. Harmony Home, located at 751 E. Tipton St., Huntington, is one of two locations in Huntington dedicated to this cause. The second location opened in May. Both locations are state-certified recovery homes.
According to their website, Harmony Home of Huntington’s mission is “to offer recovery to alcoholics and addicts through a 12-step program and to provide a safe place for men to acquire sobriety while learning to live a stable and successful life.”
Harmony Home currently has 20 men between the two locations. Throughout the nine-month program, residents are assisted with getting a job, a driver’s license, a GED if they don’t have one and paying off debt.
“We’re just all about helping them get back on their feet,” Harmony Home Executive Director Robert Knorr said.
They offer different resources to individuals including Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. AA and NA groups meet Monday through Friday, at noon, at the Harmony Home  and the public is welcome to these meetings. They also do several meetings in other locations around Huntington.
“We’ve helped build the recover community quite a bit here in town. Everybody is actually coming together and it’s awesome to see that there’s actually something for the person who needs recovery,” Knorr said. “There’s been a lot of overdoses and several deaths here lately. People just don’t know where to go.”
Knorr himself has been in recovery for seven years in January, so he wants to be able to help others who are struggling. He was also recently certified as a peer recovery coach through Mental Health America.
“It’s awesome to see somebody get back with their kids or with their parents because addicts—we burn a lot of bridges when we are in our addiction,” Knorr said. “Trust is the first thing you lose and the hardest thing to get back.”
In the two years they’ve been open, Harmony Home has had 11 graduates.
Knorr says that he wants to continue to expand and help more in the community. In an effort to do so, Harmony Home will be installing a NaloxBox. This box will contain Naloxone, which can save a person’s life in the event of an overdose. This will be the first NaloxBox in Huntington County. More details about when this will be installed will be available soon.
“The reason we are here is because this is a community problem. This isn’t just a few people that are affected… almost anybody you talk to knows an addict or an alcoholic,” Knorr said.
Knorr says that 214 people die a day in the U.S. of a drug overdose.
“That’s too many,” Knorr said. “We need to ban together and we need to get out there and do something together. It’s got to be a group effort.”
Harmony Home is privately funded through the community. Individuals interested in donating can see a list of needs or give a monetary gift on their website at
Knorr also says that they could use volunteers to give rides to the men, so they can get to work, court or other appointments. Anyone interested in helping to meet this need may call Knorr at 515-0656.
Harmony Home is also hosting a Halloween Block Party on Friday, Oct. 30, that they could use volunteers for. Interested volunteers are asked to contact Knorr.
Those who want more information about the services offered by Harmony Home may visit their Facebook page, the website or call Knorr directly.


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