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How to make the right career choices in a dream labour market – CEOWORLD magazine

CEOWORLD magazineTop StoriesFuture of WorkHow to make the right career choices in a dream labour market

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Right now it’s a hot job market, which makes helping others to manage their careers even more important. One (more) of the challenges of the increased pace and amount of work that mystifyingly continues post-COVID is finding the time to help others do this, and yet it couldn’t be a better time to provide this support. 
There may be plenty of career opportunities and choices available now – will you retain the right people, and will they make the right choices not just for today but also for their future?
As CEOs seek to stem the tide of resignations, deal with so-called ‘quiet quitting’ and increased employee demands, take the time to dig beneath the surface to satisfy yourself that you are providing the kind of support that people appreciate by adding value to their career development and progress. 
As a younger leader I was always interested in hearing the career journeys of senior leaders: and younger leaders still seek this kind of understanding. Giving people access to your career story, articulating how you managed your career and identifying the factors for your success breaks down barriers while providing useful career advice. 
But this is something to avoid: many senior leaders label their career moves and successes as unplanned and opportunistic. Even if it is how it went, it gives the impression that all it takes is talent to succeed. We know that just isn’t so. It’s a matter of reflecting on what happened and why, the key relationships and the contextual factors that supported your rise. Make it humble, yes, but also provide some clarity about what people can do.
Career management is beset by a series of paradoxes. It’s helpful to start by understanding what they are:
Having regular career conversations with your boss should be a highlight of your working relationship
We rightly think that our boss ought to be our biggest career supporter, although sadly, that’s often not the case. Bosses who coach and develop their people experience an engagement premium. It is one of the critical factors in retaining talented people, and one of the biggest attractors of talent. 
You can bolster your reputation as a great boss to work for by amplifying your support for career development. 
Firstly, help your team to navigate the six paradoxes above: 
Secondly, ask helpful coaching questions in your career conversations with your team:
And to get the right balance between accountability and ownership, suggest they regularly ask themselves these questions (and from time-to-time, share their answers with you):
Helping people to achieve their dreams isn’t just about the right labour market, it’s something that you can influence. Quality career conversations and a true commitment to helping people advance towards their aspirations will turn you into a dream boss, and while that might not mean 100% retention, it will certainly make it harder for people to leave you.
Written by Dr. Karen Morley.
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CEOWORLD magazineTop StoriesFuture of WorkHow to make the right career choices in a dream labour market
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