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“Move-In Day” at UNBC –

PRINCE GEORGE – It’s all hustle and bustle at the University today.
It’s move-in day, as students get set to start a new chapter of their lives, such as Ronin Crespeigne, entering his first year. “It’s just completely different in comparison to everything else I’ve ever done in my life,” says Crespeigne, “High school is Level Zero. This will be Level One and on my way up.”
UNBC President Dr. Geoff came out to lend a hand and feels the excitement.
“Totally get the vibe! Because, Memorial, where I did my undergraduate, is 25,000. The buzz of that first day is just amazing. People moving into residence, coming to campus, those first days are super-exciting.”
In fact, Dr. Geoff Payne says the number of students back on campus is beginning to get that pre-COVID atmosphere. “Back to kind of normal. I mean, it is great to see all the students here. 2019 was that usual Move-In Day so it’s been a while.”
Neyoh and Keyoh which, in Dakelh mean “for the home” and “for the community, play home to 500 students. Small residences by comparison.
“I came from a very small town,” says Crespeigne. “If you know Mackenzie, it’s like three thousand people. A lot of other schools are well over the population of my entire town. It’s nice that it’s still a step up from anything I’ve ever had, but it’s not as huge of a step as going to any of the extremely large schools.”
While all the action is here for today, next week is orientation to get the students adjusted to that new and giddy chapter of their lives.
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