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Home » New Central Ave. space looks to aid people in recovery from addiction – Spectrum News

New Central Ave. space looks to aid people in recovery from addiction – Spectrum News

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Hive of Hope is being called a safe haven for people recovering from substance use disorder.
“I used to be on Central doing the things that I did and not being too nice to myself,” said Ashton Daley, a Hive of Hope volunteer in recovery. “Now I can be nice to myself on Central.”
The space at 161 Central Avenue offers a gym, recreation and business center.
“Getting people together to do healthy activities, getting people together to serve the community,” Hive of Hope founder Nathan Writer said. “That’s what it’s really about, because we strongly believe that service is what keeps us sober.”
Having hit rock bottom a couple years ago, Writer is creating the hive knowing the value of community for someone who is recovering.
“The people in the recovery community saved my life,” he said. “And they truly delivered on giving me a life beyond my wildest dreams.”
With a team of volunteers and support from his family, Writer is now paying it forward.
“It was like I was alone, it felt like, and today it feels like I’ve got so many families,” he said.
The space is being offered for free to people who have been sober for at least 48 consecutive hours, and local officials say its location on Central is key.
“Knowing that this place is here today on this corridor gives me so much faith,” said Albany County District Attorney David Soares. “You never think about the fact that these individuals are changing their lives but they need to be around people who are also changing their lives.”
In addition to building a community, the hive will help in connecting people buzzing through with different resources.
“It warms my heart to know that this organization exists,” Daley said, “that there is another brick and mortar resource.”


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