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Home » Pueblo home opening for recovering addicts – KOAA News 5

Pueblo home opening for recovering addicts – KOAA News 5

PUEBLO — Mikal Moulding says he “was an addict from birth”.
Moulding is one example of a former drug and alcohol addict, who found sobriety at an Oxford House.
“I think it was the only way for me, personally. Because I had tried so many other ways and they didn’t work,” said Moulding.
Oxford Houses are recovery programs for women, women and children, men and children, and men. Each home in Pueblo houses up to eight people working towards recovering from addiction, but the program is nationwide.
“All of our houses are democratically run, meaning that everything comes up to a house vote… Other than relapse, we have a zero tolerance for relapse. You relapse, you are dismissed from the house,” said Casey Holcomb, who works in Outreach for the Oxford Houses in Pueblo.
Pueblo’s tenth Oxford House will open on November 16 for single men.
Neighbors near the new location voiced their concerns to News 5 about having an Oxford House in their neighborhood. Holcomb says any time disturbances are reported as a result of an Oxford House, the program handles the situation as needed.
Holcomb is looking for anyone willing to donate furniture and other household items to the home.
If you or anyone you know could use the services the Oxford Houses offer, click here.
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