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Home » Pulaski Co. woman in recovery gives back to community through hot dog stand – WKYT

Pulaski Co. woman in recovery gives back to community through hot dog stand – WKYT

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) – A Pulaski County woman addicted to drugs and alcohol says she hit rock bottom when she was sentenced to jail. She is now out, has her own business, and is serving some of the same people who locked her up.
Stephanie Kennedy’s dark past goes back to 2005. She says for a decade she was addicted to drugs, and her life went spiraling downhill.
“I’ve done pretty much everything a despicable person would do,” said Kennedy,
Kennedy was locked up in the Pulaski County jail 10 times. It was there she met Angela Barnett, who helped Kennedy through recovery.
“I kept inviting her to church, inviting her to church,” said Barnett.
Kennedy eventually agreed to go; she quit using drugs and has been clean for six years.
Kennedy now owns a hot dog stand serving the community, including law enforcement, in front of the same courthouse that sentenced her.
“she’s been able to make amends with the cops that she actually tried to kick and bust out windows and stuff like that,” said Barnett.
“These are my friends now, and I realize that they were just doing their job,” said Kennedy.
Her mug shot is a reminder to her customers that a felon can make a comeback.
“The message is that Jesus saves, and there’s hope,” said Kennedy. “I was a hopeless person, and look at me.”
Kennedy says courthouse officials invited her to set up the food truck trailer on the property.
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