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Quincy Riverfront Master Plan one step closer to becoming a reality – WGEM

QUINCY (WGEM) – Plans to redevelop Quincy’s riverfront into a tourism hub are slowly moving forward, and that has some residents excited.
Long-time Quincy resident Vicki Armstrong said she enjoys spending time on the riverfront.
“I’ve lived in Quincy most all of my life and have always found the riverfront to be a place of comfort and beauty,” Armstrong said.
She said while Clat Adams Park has a lot to offer, it could be offering more.
“I would like to see possibly a dock that will be appealing to boaters and visitors from other communities to shop, have a nice lunch, have a nice dinner,” Armstrong said.
The Quincy Riverfront Master Plan Steering Committee wants to do just that and more. They have been working to redevelop the riverfront for the past two-and-a-half years.
The plan involves making Clat Adams Park flood-proof, building a cruise boat dock, and installing a stage and playground, among other things.
Riverfront Development Committee Member Jeff Steinkamp said plans are moving forward, as the 12-member steering committee chose three at-large members to hold planning meetings.
“We have bankers, we have landowners, we have different people… so it’s going to be a good group to get together to really guide what development we want to do down here,” Steinkamp said.
Steinkamp said construction could start by the end of this year.
“I’m hoping that the renovations, if and when there are those, that they will bring more businesses to the riverfront as we see in other communities,” Armstrong said.
The project is estimated to cost up to $50 million.
Funding could come from donations, the federal government, or public and private partnerships.
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