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Russia-Ukraine War LIVE: Kyiv claims dozens of kids trapped in bomb shelters of Mariupol – Republic World

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Image: AP
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has warned that if Putin lost contact with reality, he may use nuclear weapons. Appearing at a news conference, he quipped, “Is this possible?”  “It is. Do I believe in this? To be honest, I don’t want to believe in this.”
Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry claimed that dozens of Ukrainian kids are trapped in the Azovstal steel plant in Ukraine’s Mariupol city. It further claimed that Russia did not allow civilian evacuations from the region which it had agreed upon and has resumed the bombings.
Dozens of #Ukrainian kids are trapped inside bomb shelters of#Azovstal steelworks as #Russia continues to drop bombs and missiles there. Many hide there for almost two months already, deprived of their basic rights. They need to be allowed to safely evacuate to 🇺🇦 territory.
Today, #Russian troops have once again prevented the previously
agreed civilian evacuation and resumed airstrikes on the territory of #Azovstal steelworks.

We demand urgent humanitarian corridors to save civilian lives.
In a briefing “on a provocation against the Russian Federation prepared by the USA and NATO”, Russia said that US is the only country to use all three types of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Russia reminded the US of using nuclear weapons on Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki during world war II and chemical weapons on Vietnam and Iraq. “All these crimes were not properly assessed by relevant international organizations”, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
❗️🇺🇸 The US is the only state that has used all 3 types of #WMD.

The dropped nuclear bombs on #Hiroshima & #Nagasaki, the use of toxic chemicals in #Vietnam & #Iraq – all these crimes were not properly assessed by relevant international organizations.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense took to Twitter to share pictures of Mariupol, the city which is still facing the wrath of Russia’s invasion. “This was Mariupol before the invasion of Russian troops. A beautiful city of half a million people. There are currently virtually no undamaged buildings there. There is no Mariupol. And there is also no Viktor Dedov (Vic Dedoff) who took these photos”, the Ministry wrote in its tweet.
This was Mariupol before the invasion of Russian troops. A beautiful city of half a million people. There are currently virtually no undamaged buildings there. There is no Mariupol. And there is also no Viktor Dedov (Vic Dedoff) who took these photos.
The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), in its latest report, revealed that nearly four million Ukrainians have left for Poland since the Russian invasion began on February 24. However, the number of refugees is constantly decreasing, informed that Polish Border Guards as per The Kyiv Independent.
Andriy Yermak, the Ukraine President’s Chief of Staff, revealed that a Russian airstrike in Odesa has killed 5, including a three-month-old. Besides, 18 people have been injured although the number of casulaties might increase. 
5 killed and 18 wounded 🇺🇦 citizens. These are those found by now.
And most likely, there will be more.

Among those killed was a three-month-old baby. A child who was about to celebrate the first Easter with his parents.

Nothing sacred. Absolutely.
Evil will be punished.
Ukraine’s Defense Ministry revealed that the Ukrainian forces inflicted a ‘devastating blow’ to Russia as two Russian Generals have been killed near Kherson. This happened after a Ukrainian missile struck a Russian command post which caused severe injury to one. 
Press Secretary of the Pentagon John Kirby on Saturday announced that United States Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin will convene a meeting next week in Germany of defence officials and military leaders from more than 20 countries to discuss the situation in Ukraine and its long-term defence needs.
Read more.
Invading Russian soldiers were ordered to kill the prisoners of war [POW] in the strategic Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, according to a transcript of the audio evidence published by The Times. In the chilling commands, the Russian soldiers were asked to “make sure no one ever sees them [captured Ukraine soldiers] again. Read more.
Finland’s national power grid operator Fingrid, revealed that the country has reducted the import of electricity from Russia. According to the Kyiv Independent, Fingrid said that the decision has been made to curb Russia’s attempts to influence Finland against joining NATO. 
Earlier, Finland’s Foreign Affairs department had announced that the country would submit its application for a NATO membership in the coming weeks. 
Ukraine has warned its citizens regarding cyberattacks on Orthodox Easter which is to be celebrated on April 24. State Special Communications Service of Ukraine mentioned in a Telegram post that the enemy may utilise the strategy of deploying virtual greetings to a large group of people via messengers and e-mails to try new cyberattacks.
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Ukraine’s foreign ministry claimed that Russia has lost 21,600 personnel along with 854 tanks and 177 aircrafts. In addition to this, Ukraine has also damaged 2,205 armoured personnel vehicles, 154 helicopters and eight Russian boats. 
Information on Russian invasion

Losses of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine, April 23
Russia has forcibly deported 308 residents of Mariupol residents to Vladivostok, which is over 9,000 kilometers east of the Ukrainian city, The Kyiv Independent reported. Among those deported, 90 are children who would reportedly be forced to learn Russian, as per the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko.
In a first official update about the casualties on its missile cruiser Moskva that sank after alleged Ukrainian missile strike, Russia has claimed that at least one of its sailor died and 27 more are missing in aftermath of the devastating accident. As many as 396 other crew members were rescued, Russia’s defense ministry said, as cited by state affiliated RIA agency. 
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Ukraine claimed that invading Russian forces have committed over 200 war crimes cases against Ukraine’s cultural heritage. The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine has recorded nearly 242 cases of war crimes by the Russian troops against the cultural heritage in the war-torn nation.
Russian forces, on April 23, shelled Ukrainians border guards in Chernihiv Oblast, The Kyiv Independent reported. According to the Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service, around 10 grenades were fired into the Senkivka village, located several kilometers from Russian and Belarusian borders, from the Russian territory.
According to the Kyiv Independent, dead bodies of victims from the Mariupol Drama Theater attack are being dumped in mass graves by Russian occupiers. Mariupol mayor Petro Andriushchenko reportedly said that the Russians are taking the dead bodies to Manhush village after clearing debris at the theatre that was bombed on March 16.
Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Fiala stated that abandoning Russian gas immediately is considered to be impossible. According to the Prime Minister, it would be hard to do so since the nation is 90% reliant on Russian hydrocarbons. Clarifying his statement, Fiala said the Czech Republic would have to suffer severe consequences if such a choice had been taken, as per media reports.  
Further, the prime minister stressed that the nation is already seeing “a sharp increase in energy and fuel prices”. Apart from the Czech Republic, the chancellors of Austria and Germany, as well as Josep Borrel, the director of European diplomacy, spoke from similar positions. 
Since the commencement of the war between Moscow and Kyiv on February 24, the Czech Republic became the first member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to deliver tanks as well as infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) to Kyiv on April 5. In an effort to reinforce Ukraine’s defence against Russia, a train carrying dozens of Russian-built T-72 tanks and armoured vehicles had passed through the Czech countryside to the besieged ex-Soviet country earlier in the month.  
Nirmala Sitharaman, the Union Finance Minister, met with World Bank President David Malpass on Friday (local time) in Washington to discuss several significant economic issues, including the impact of the Russia Ukraine war. They also discussed India’s upcoming G20 Presidency as well as World Bank leadership in India.
Union Finance Minister Smt. @nsitharaman and @WorldBank Group President Mr. @DavidMalpassWBG met at Washington D.C., today. (1/6)
In a bid to bolster efforts toward crippling Russia, the US on Friday stated that it does not want India to rely on Moscow for military supplies. Addressing a regular press briefing, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby mentioned that while Washington values New Delhi’s partnership, it is “clear” on its notion that India must not depend on Russia to fulfill its defence needs.
“We have been very clear with India as well as other nations that we don’t want to see them rely on Russia for defence needs. We’ve been nothing but honest about that and discouraging that,” US Defence Department spokesperson John Kirby said.
Kirby’s statement comes after earlier this month US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin during a Congressional hearing on the annual defence budget on April 5, Austin said that he expects India to “scale down” its dependence on Russian military equipment.
UK Defence Intelligence also stated that Russian air and marine forces have been unable to establish authority in either sector due to the efficacy of Ukraine’s air and sea defences, which has limited Russia’s capacity to make significant advances. The UK Defence Intelligence has claimed that despite increasing activity in Ukraine, the Russian forces have not made any major advancements in the last 24 hours and that it is slowing down in the Donbas region.
Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine – 23 April 2022

Find out more about the UK government’s response:

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦
In regard to providing assistance to Ukraine amid the Russian war, the United States has emerged as the largest bilateral donor of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. So far Washington has provided worth $8.2 billion in aid to Kyiv, as per Kiel Institute for the World Economy’s Ukraine Support Tracker. The $131 million investment comes atop the aforementioned donation. Just for comparison, the European Union states combined have extended $3.14 billion, apart from two separate financings from European Investment Bank and other EU institutions.
Biden began his packages to Ukraine on March 11, when he signed off on an emergency spending of $13.6 billion. Half the money was approved by US Congress, which included $3.65 billion for weapons transfer and sales, according to political scientist Jessica Trisko Darden, as quoted by The Conversation. Subsequently, Biden announced a plethora of packages amounting to $200 million for military assistance, two $800 million tranches for security packages and military aid, and a $500 million in direct economic assistance.
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The Czech Republic has submitted its candidacy to replace Russia on the UN Human Rights Council, as per reports. 
According to Governor Oleh Synehubov, Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a successful counterattack on April 22, liberating and securing their positions in Bezruky, Slatine and Prudianka villages in Kharkiv Oblast.
The Kremlin has thrown over 100,000 troops and mercenaries from Syria and Libya into the fight in Ukraine and is deploying more forces in the country every day, said Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council.
“We have a difficult situation, but our army is defending our state,” he said.
Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk announced that an evacuation of the residents of Mariupol is planned for today, April 23. New satellite images showed, on Friday, a second possible mass gravesite in a town near Mariupol, where Ukrainian defenders are holed up in a steel plant.
In Mariupol, reduced largely to smoking rubble by weeks of bombardment, Russian state TV showed the flag of the pro-Moscow Donetsk separatists raised on what it said was the city’s highest point, its TV tower. It also showed what it said was the main building at the city’s besieged Azovstal steel plant in flames.
Parent company of Malaysia Airlines Bhd, Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) said on Thursday that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has posed challenges in managing MAG’s operating costs, which are directly impacted by escalating fuel prices as global crude oil prices exceed US$100 per barrel, according to The Edge Markets.
Despite the fact that the Western countries are trying to isolate Russia for its unjustified attack on Ukraine by imposing harsh sanctions, some countries are reluctant not to put their relationship with Russia in jeopardy, as it was announced that Malaysia is ready to consider the supply of electronics and semiconductors to Russia if it asks for it.
As per RIA Novosti, Malaysia’s ambassador to Moscow, Bala Chandran, said that the country will examine any request from Russia for the sale of semiconductors and electronics.
Chandran also said that the Malaysian economy is driven by the market and that he is confident that any request for products from the Russian side will be taken into account. He further stated that he is not aware of any government-level conversations at this time, but expressed hope for a business-to-business interaction with the Russian Federation. 
A loud explosion at the Gaisky Mining and Processing Plant (GOK) in the Orenburg Region, Russia has claimed lives of at least three on Saturday, the regional prosecutor’s office said, according to TASS. “The incident at the Gaisky mining and processing plant occurred at about 08:50 am (local time), during mining and blasting, an emergency detonation of an explosion occurred at a depth of 1.2 km. 88 workers were evacuated,” the statement by the regional prosecutor Ruslan Medvedev informed. An investigation was ordered into the incident to establish the cause of the blast.
There were no external injuries on the bodies of the dead, Russia’s State-affiliated agency reported. 
“On April 23, at 08:30 [06:30 Moscow time], when arriving at a horizon of 1,205 m, three workers of an underground mine were found without signs of life. The bodies have no external injuries. Mine rescuers are currently working at the site,” the mining company said.
The head of the Defense Ministry said that Canada had previously sent 155-millimeter M777 howitzers with a firing range of up to 30 km. Speaking about the number of guns, Kaisa Ollongren said that it is “limited”.
Out that of the 37 howitzers that Canada has, Kyiv will receive 4. However, they will also send shells.
It may be noted that the Russian Foreign Ministry had warned that shipments of weapons for Ukraine will be considered by Kremlin forces as legitimate targets. 
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