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ScooterLNK resumes following successful pilot program – KOLN

LINCOLN, Neb. (Press Release) – Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Director Liz Elliott today announced the City’s electric scooter program, ScooterLNK, has resumed operations following a successful 16-month pilot program. The Lincoln City Council approved the permanent electric scooter program in March.
During the pilot program, ScooterLNK tracked more than 91,400 trips. The average trip duration was 12 minutes with an average distance of .95 miles. More than 25,000 unique users participated in pilot program.
“With the return of ScooterLNK, we are excited to offer a permanent micro-mobility option for community members,” Elliott said. “During the pilot program, 21% of electric scooter users indicated that an electric scooter trip replaced a car trip. This form of transportation is another step towards achieving our goal of building a decarbonized and efficient transportation system as a part of the Lincoln Climate Action Plan.”
The territory for ScooterLNK operations has expanded to an area bordered roughly by Huntington Avenue to the north, South Street to the south, South 48th Street to the east and Southwest Second Street to the west. ScooterLNK’s operating hours have been extended by two hours and are now from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week.
“Results from our pilot program show electric scooters are many times utilized for multimodal trips, allowing community members to ride an electric scooter to a bus stop or bike station,” said Roberto Partida, LTU Transportation Planner. “By expanding electric scooter service into residential neighborhoods south and east of downtown, we are pleased to offer another reliable, safe, and accessible form of transportation to those who work and live near the downtown area and around Lincoln.”
Two electric scooter vendors will be operating in Lincoln, Lime and Veo. Each operator is allowed to deploy 250 electric scooters. The access process is as follows:
Lime electric scooter riders must download the “Lime–#RideGreen” app on a mobile device. It costs $1 to unlock an electric scooter and 34 cents per minute to ride.
Veo electric scooters will be available in spring 2023. Fees will be announced at that time.
Operating rules include:
Parking rules include:
Electric scooter parking is not allowed in the following areas:
For maps and information on the ScooterLNK program, visit or contact Roberto Partida, LTU Transportation Planner, at 402-440-7239 or at [email protected].
For more information on Lime scooters, visit For more information on VeoRide scooters, visit
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