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Stellaris: Toxoids Species Pack Coming in September 20 – Player.One

A new Species Pack for Stellaris is coming to PC this September 20. Toxoids give players the ability to make tough sacrifices when needed or even the chance to gamble on their planet’s future in exchange for immediate gains.
The Toxoids are said to be the most stubborn and hardiest species ever in the game. Empires that feature Toxoids can grow and even adapt faster compared to other creatures. The problem is that Toxoids have a tendency to make life unpleasant not just for their neighbors but often for themselves.

One of the new contents that Toxoids bring is the new origins. One of these is the Knights of the Toxic God. It turns out that in the depths of your homeworld, there are rumors that true power is buried under the toxic sludge. Would you dig up the secrets of your past and unleash them on the galaxy?
Then there is Overtuned. Get to play as species that can gain more traits but at the expense of its own lifespan. Are you willing to live for today and not worry about sticking around for tomorrow?
There are new Cosmetics like species portraits, ship models, and even cityscapes. Be ready as well for a new Advisor that’s going to help grow your empire.
Pre-order the Toxoids Species Pack here. Stellaris is available on PC.


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