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There Could Be Good News For Sandman's Future – Gizmodo Australia

Joker: Folie à Deux adds another cast member in a mysterious role. New Black Panther: Wakanda Forever art highlights its heroes. Superman & Lois has found its replacement Kent son. Plus, what’s to come on the hilariously retitled Pennyworth: The Origins of Batman’s Butler. Spoilers now!
Deadline reports Catherine Keener has joined the cast of the musical Joker sequel in a currently undisclosed role.
Deadline also has word Benedict Cumberbatch and Mark Strong will star alongside Jodie Comer in The End We Start From, the upcoming apocalyptic thriller about a devastating flood that swallows London.
Kevin Smith confirmed he’s developing a sequel to Tusk on a recent episode of his Fatman Beyond podcast (via Geek Tyrant). According to Smith, the story will follow Justin Long’s character re-entering human society after surgery, “only [he’ll] ever see himself one way” and begin to imagine the people around him as other “Chimera things.”
Ever since the heart attack I’ve been living on borrowed time. 2024 will mark the 10-year anniversary of Tusk…We could just leave it there and move on, but you know, I’ve got more story left I’d like to tell; there’s a reason we left him in the zoo at the end. I always knew as we were making the movie I was just like, ‘I’ll totally do this again.’ I thought we’d have the late great Michael Parks with us longer, but sadly he’s not, but I know we got Justin.
Early on I was always like, well, eventually, they’ll take him out of that walrus skin and try to rehabilitate him. And just like Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight Returns, he’ll only ever see himself one way. Then he becomes the Howard Howe [character], Justin Long becomes the crazy guy who’s trying to turn people into something else; Chimera things, half-human and half-whatever. Last time it was walrus, this time…you’ll see.
As Wakanda Forever reportedly films an additional week of reshoots in Georgia, promotional art of Shuri, Nakia, Okoye, and M’Baku has surfaced.

New Art for #Shuri #Nakia #Okoye & #MBaku in #BlackPantherWakandaForever #BlackPanther #WakandaForever #MCU #Marvel #MarvelStudios
Meanwhile, it’s suggested Sosie Bacon is merely imagining things in a new featurette delving into Smile’s glad-handing entity.

"This is something we haven't seen before," says #SmileMovie star Sosie Bacon. Check out our exclusive look below, and get ready to experience the terror in theaters September 30. 🎟 —>
TV Line reports Michael Bishop (The Disney Channel’s Spin) will replace Jordan Elsass in the role of Jonathan Kent when Superman & Lois returns for its third season.
According to Deadline, Shakira Berrera (GLOW) has joined the cast of Ironheart in a currently undisclosed role.
HBO Max has officially ordered a second season of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. [Bloody-Disgusting]
According to a new post on the WGA Directory (via Spoiler TV), it also appears The Sandman has been quietly renewed for a second season at Netflix. More as it develops!
According to the latest issue of Production Weekly, the Penguin series starring Colin Ferrell begins filming on February 6, 2023, in New York City.
Spoiler TV has a synopsis for “JULY 13th, 1985″ — the series premiere of the Quantum Leap reboot, airing September 19.
A new team assembles to restart the Quantum Leap project. Lead physicist Ben Song takes an unauthorised leap into 1985 as the team scrambles to figure out what happened and how to get him back.
Stone orbs bring fantasies to life in the synopsis for “Mining the Mind’s Mines,” today’s episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks.
On a remote science outpost, stone orbs are bringing fantasies to life. Tendi starts her first day as a Senior Science Officer Trainee.
Written by: Brian D. Bradley
Directed by: Fill Marc Sagadraca
We also have a logline for today’s season finale of American Horror Stories, “Lake.”
Logline: A mysterious drowning uncovers secrets at the bottom of the lake. Written by Manny Coto; directed by Tessa Blake.
[Spoiler TV]
Speaking of, TV Line has a new poster for The Winchesters evoking strong American Horror Story vibes.
Jennifer Tilly reveals she purchased Tiffany’s “murder mansion” from Ernst Stavro Blofeld in a parody of MTV Cribs.
Starman goes after Sportsmaster and Tigress at their local grocery store in the trailer for next week’s episode of Stargirl.
Finally, a new trailer reveals Pennyworth will take on MKUltra mind control experiments when he returns for his third season this October 6.
Banner art by Jim Cook
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