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Home » Today’s Wordle: 572 Hints and Clues of 12 January with Solution for Word Puzzle Game – Jagran Josh

Today’s Wordle: 572 Hints and Clues of 12 January with Solution for Word Puzzle Game – Jagran Josh

Wordle is not just a game, it is an addiction! People all over the globe leave their important tasks just for the adrenaline rush they get after successfully crashing the wordle of the day. Who said games are not taken seriously? Have you ever closely observed anyone trying their hand at the Wordle game? Well, that is when you will notice the tense lines, the worry, the sweating, and the excitement, on the face of the player trying to guess the wordle of the day. That is the charm of Wordle.
Hey, the game is not easy. It involves the help of relevant hints.
Interested to know the hints for the wordle today?
Scroll down!
Wordle is a fantastic word-guessing game that can keep one occupied for hours.  The NYTimes Wordle involves one guessing a 5 letter word. The Wordle game is popular across the globe for its uniqueness and challenging nature. 
The poor pelican is lost, and is hiding in the flock of flamingos! Can you find it?
Playing Wordle is not easy, but that it what makes it super entertaining. Every day the word game comes up with a grid, allowing you to make 6 guesses of a 5 letter word. 
If any of the letters you put exist in that five-letter word, the box will turn yellow. If the letter is placed exactly in the right box in any of your guesses, it will turn green.
The goal is to crack that one 5-letter word chosen by Wordle within 6 attempts.  
How on earth can you crack the exact right word without any external help? Well, that’s why we are here, to help you out!
Below are the 5 hints you may need. In case you still fail, we’ll not leave your hand. We have also mentioned the Wordle answer at the end
Now, it’s time for us to introduce you to the exciting Worldle hints!

The word does not end in a vowel.
The word starts with either “L” or “S”.
The vowels in the word are placed consecutively.
The word has a “P” in it.
The word either ends with a “G” or a “T”.
Here comes our special SUPER CLUE:

The word rhymes well with “SLEPT”.
Wordle 572 answer for 12 January is LEAPT.
This was super-easy, wasn’t it? Wordle was being kind to its players today!
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