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Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites In Africa (2022) – – Complete Sports

Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites In Africa (2022)Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites In Africa (2022)
Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites in Africa (2022)
Africans consistently rank among the best in a variety of sports, including football, athletics, basketball, crickets and rugby.
Sports in Africa offer a fantastic potential to make money in addition to being a fantastic source of fun. Many intelligent Africans profit significantly from online sports betting and gambling.
The online gaming markets, on the other hand, are increasing quickly due to the rapid and vast growth of sports betting.
Here, we examine the 3 most accurate football prediction sites in Africa with the highest degree of accuracy.
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It has even been discovered that operators and sports betting companies in the US and Europe are attempting a speedy expansion in the African markets. This fact has caused the number of online sports books and gambling websites to skyrocket.
The Top 3 Most accurate football prediction sites in Africa
In fact, it has been voted the best prediction site of the year, beating out many of the other football prediction sites
How To Sign Up on Eagle Predict
If you do not currently have an account with Eagle Predict (the best prediction site), you should do so immediately.
It’s simple and just takes a few minutes, so it won’t take up too much of your time. The steps for registration are:
Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites in Africa Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites in Africa
***Feel free to keep your registration information so that you can log in more quickly the following time.
Eagle Predict As the Best Soccer Prediction Site
Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites in Africa Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites in Africa
The football predictions on the Eagle Predict website are carefully chosen and highly accurate.
One of the uniqueness has to do with the exceptional degree of accuracy of predictions on Eagle Predict website and this has raised many concerns about how the service is able to create such accurate soccer prediction and then share them for free with users of the website.
Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites in Africa Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites in Africa
One interesting thing about this is users after getting games from eagle predict  website and winning, they end up saying statements like they offer fixed matches, how do we get the fixed match etc.
That leads us to answer the questions of how come Eagle Predict’s  football predictions are always correct.
It’s easy. Eagle Predict algorithms collect a large amount of data on teams in specific matches from the website’s database.
All of this information includes parameters that influence game outcomes, such as possession, total goals scored, statistics, form, lineups, injuries, head-to-head record, match time, and a wealth of other information.
These data are sent into the algorithm, which then runs through the system, which processes the information and produces a final result.
The final outcome comes in the form predictions categories ranging from straight wins, double chance; draw no bets, both teams to score, over 2.5 goals, over 1.5 goals and many other options available for punters.
This algorithm is clearly superior to the regular predictions we make based on human perception and experience.
While alternative predictions may occasionally provide positive outcomes, using Eagle Predict website to make your prediction significantly boosts your chances of winning.
On Eagle Predict website aside from the football betting tips free plan, they have 5 different subscription plans you can choose from and also different ways to earn on their website
The free plan, the Standard, the Premium Plan and the Roll over Plan which is a special package for those are looking for low odds betting accumulators for high stake investments. The odds in this package is 1.3 odds on a daily basis
The payment duration on Eagle Predict ranges from 15 days, 30 days, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year

What you stand to gain as a paid member?
             Email notification of winning picks for the day set before 11am on a daily basis
             Access to different categories of predictions
             Risk management
             Expert Tips
Aside from the above the following reasons also makes them to be voted the best football prediction site in Africa
PredictZ has the sky blue color that gives you a warm welcome and then a full black background.
Steps to Register on PredictZ:
There’s no need to register on PredictZ, it’s an open has a good user experience, it is friendly to use and easy to navigate. You can give PredictZ a 5 star rating.
Sports prediction offered on Predictz
This is one of the main businesses of the website and is the reason majority of bettors visit the prediction site. Here, bettors are offered a lot of information on respective soccer games on a daily basis.
Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites in Africa Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites in Africa
While the predictions are focused around the major leagues around the world (English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, French Ligue 1, and Bundesliga), lower leagues (Eredivise, Liga Nos, English Championship, Sky Sports League, Serie B, Ligue 2, and so on) are also not left out.
Predictions are also made on National and international competitions which may include friendlies, tournaments like AFCON, EUROS, FIFA World Cup, and all other international soccer events available.
The tips provided in Predictz prediction today not only includes the result of the game, but also the final scoreline of the game, the half time scoreline, both teams score, handicap, over/under, total goals, goal range, and so on.
One of the most important determinants of the outcome of a game is the current form of each team in a particular game. Through Predictz, you get to see how many games they won, lost, or drew in their last 5 games.
A team in excellent form would have won 4 or all of their past 5 games, while a team with poor form would have lost 4 or all of their games coming into the current.
Usually, a team in excellent form is likely to be tipped to win in the Predictz prediction today tips if all things are equal. However, since not only the form of the team is considered when trying to predict the outcome of a game, you may get a different tip from the site. Such is the expertise of Predictz in these scenarios.
PredictZ offers a great feature to not only bettors but also a neutral audience, is the statistics page available for daily games on the website. The data and statistics provided by the site are so detailed that you might get tired trying to explore it all.
Some of these statistics are beneficial to bettors to have a good idea about both teams in respective games, their head to head record, history, past results, scoreline, possessions, team lineup, red cards, yellow cards, corners, and so on.
As detailed as these statistics might be, you can easily check out the most important stats for each match if you get blown away by the huge volume of data available.
If you are after some revealing statistics, you can click on their statistics page and see a wealth of significant statistics that could aid your betting.
Now let’s get into details about the third most accurate football prediction website
On Betensured you can select from the five language options available which includes – English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Dutch.  Betensured color is having a white background with a red and yellow feel on their website.
Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites in Africa Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites in Africa
Steps To Register on Betensured
Sports prediction offered on Betensured
You have to give it to Betensured on this one because their predictions covers Football and other sports like Tennis, Basketball, Rugby, and Ice Hockey
Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites in Africa Top 3 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites in Africa
On BETENSURED they have a special feature called AFFILAITE where users can receive up to 50% commissions by selling the plan offered on their website when you sign up for their affiliate
The requirements for their affiliate are a mobile phone or pc, internet connection, minimum recharge token of 7,000 naira and a physical shop/space optional).
Betensured affiliates has immediate payouts (which allows you to earn commission instantly), high commission (up to 50% from product sales) rate, marketing support (Free marketing materials in form of digital banners), Excellent support (You have a personal account manager assigned to you)
On betensured their paid plan is divided into Weekly Plan, 3 Months Plan, 6 Months Plan and a 1 Year Plan. It is also divided into the Basic Plan and Premium Plan.
The basic plan provides you with a set of expert picks sent to your mail on a daily basis with access to up to 8 predictions categories on their website.
The Premium plan provides you with 2 set of expert picks sent to your mail on a daily basis with access to all predictions categories on their website
They also have a special plan called TIPS GENIUS and EXPERT ADVISOR PLAN majorly for users that are high punters and all they want is a low odds they can bank on.
Website and Social Media Handles
You can visit their website on
Also follow them on all their social media pages below
Join our Telegram Channel –
Predicting the outcome of football matches is really a dicey thing to do, so it is advisable not to rush to place your bets.
So, whenever you want to bet, the next thought that comes to mind is the best prediction site to make use of?
Eagle Predict is the most accurate football prediction website
Making use of Eagle Predict will increase the likelihood of you smiling to the bank cashing out your winnings at the conclusion of the game you place a bet on from their website
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10 useful tips on how to predict football matches correctly
Note that just because this prediction site properly predict football matches does not mean they are always correct; they are meant to assist you in making a betting decision.
The probability of their predictions to work is quite higher than just for you to do it all on your own.
Good luck!

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