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Ukraine: As It's Happening – The Moscow Times

Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, forcing millions to flee for their lives and leaving thousands dead.
Follow the latest news as it happens:
3:45 p.m.: A Ukrainian military plane with 14 people aboard crashed south of Kyiv on Thursday, the emergencies service said.
The service said it was “still determining how many people died.” The incident occurred about 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Kyiv, amid reports of several locations around the city coming under attack.
3:37 p.m.: The UN refugee chief warned Thursday Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would have “devastating” humanitarian consequences and urged neighbouring countries to keep borders open to those fleeing the violence.
“We are gravely concerned about the fast-deteriorating situation and ongoing military action in Ukraine,” Felippo Grandi said in a statement.
3:30 p.m.: Several Russian cultural figures also made statements against the war.
“Soviet crimes went unpunished in Russia, and so they recur. The price for what was not done in 1991 are the Russian missiles and bombs killing Ukrainians today,” Sergei Lebedev, author of “Untraceable,” wrote under a photograph of the Bykivnia graves outside Kyiv where “enemies of the people” executed by the NKVD were buried.
“It is too early to ask Ukrainians to forgive us,” he wrote. “We will ask for forgiveness after the criminals who began this war are punished. If they are punished.”
Yelena Kovalskaya, director of the Meyerhold Theater Center, announced her resignation from the state theater Thursday, saying: “It is impossible to work for a murderer and receive salary from him. I will finish the work I’ve started, but without pay.”
2:31 p.m.: Eighteen people died in an air strike on a military base near Ukraine’s Black Sea port city of Odessa, the local administration said.
“Eighteen died — eight men and 10 women. At the moment, we are still digging through the rubble,” the Odessa regional administration said in a statement.
2:30 p.m.: Russian forces have broken through into the north of the Kyiv region, Ukraine’s border guards said, staging an attack with Grad missiles on government positions. 
Videos circulating on social media showed Russian Mi-8 and Ka-52 helicopters assaulting the Antonov International Airport in the Kyiv suburb of Gostomel.
Confirmed by Ukrainian authorities. A large air assault operation with Mi-8 helicopters on Antonov International Airport in Hostomel. Interior Ministry says Russia has seized control. Very dangerous; it’s just 15 minutes west of the capital ring road.
AFP contributed reporting.
At least 10 independent media outlets have been blocked or closed down over their coverage of the war in Ukraine.
The Moscow Times needs your help more than ever as we cover this devastating invasion and its sweeping impacts on Russian society.


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