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What Is Recovery?

Many people think that recovery is simply a matter of not using drugs.


“They consider a relapse a sign of complete failure, and long periods of abstinence a sign of complete success.

We in the recovery program of Narcotics Anonymous have found that this perception is too simplistic.

After a member has had some involvement in our fellowship, a relapse may be the jarring experience
that brings about a more rigorous application of the program.”

Recovery as experienced through our Twelve Steps is our goal, not mere physical abstinence.

“To improve ourselves takes effort, and since there is no way in the world to graft a new idea on a
closed mind, an opening must be made somehow.

A relapse, if we survive it, may provide the charge for the demolition process.

A relapse and sometimes subsequent death of someone close to us can do the job of awakening us to the necessity for vigorous personal action”.

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