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Will 2023 be the year the CV is binned? – Management Today

Executive hiring is shifting from quick hires to building a community-orientated team and the CV will be the least important aspect.
Something has shifted in the way that global companies search for and retain their leadership talent. CVs and job descriptions are out. Creating a community of executives with the skills, experience and proven ability to meet specific current and future challenges is in, at least for the world’s most dynamic organisations.
The idea of eliminating CVs from the hiring process isn’t new. Over half of recruiters are in favour of it, according to research that highlighted an increasing wariness among hiring managers of the limitations of resumes and other traditional hiring techniques when trying to identify candidates with the exact skills and experience required.
A typical resume might inform you that a candidate graduated with honours, worked their way up to a senior position at a global financial services company and successfully completed an 8-year stint overseeing the growth of its digital payments division, managing a team of 120. But it tells you nothing about how this candidate could help solve an organisation’s ongoing systemic D&I problem, or an impending digital transformation challenge over the next five years. A CV gives little insight into how a candidate thinks and operates. Convention is changing, and already there is a new methodology and mindset that the most dynamic companies are embracing to secure the executive talent they need.

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